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Voice Actor/Writer/SLut..

2013-03-26 23:56:05 by MagicInfinity8

Hello everyone!
I love writing retarded funny and out of place story's and I want to share my creative ideas with everyone of you beautiful people, I also love to do voice acting for people but I am stumped on what kind of equipment I am in need of before pursuing such task.
What I enjoy the most is my hobby and that is making the world laugh either it be friendly or completely the most random shit I can think of, I can assure you your smile.
If you know anything about voice acting, share some tips and throw me some ideas of perfect equipment to own that will benefit me in the long run.
If you want to read some story's I have created, just message me and ill send a few, Ill be throwing them up on new grounds soon, so keep an eye out.
I got a twitter in which I share my most darkest secrets with other people who in complete disgust recommend me to kill myself :) "Thank you and enjoy your dick butt"
but hey lets not get an erection here.... later though?
thank you for your time and remember, i love you all...
sincerely the dude that watches you pee

Voice Actor/Writer/SLut..


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2013-04-05 14:03:34


MagicInfinity8 responds:

I agree


2013-04-05 14:05:12

Do you kiss boys as well?

MagicInfinity8 responds:

like 24/7